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Identifying community voices leads to market innovation

Community ideas develop new markets for consumer 360° camera in real estate, construction, automobile sales, robotics.


RICOH is a global hardware manufacturer with deep expertise in camera technology, lenses, sensors and more. But after building an exceptional 360° camera, how could they promote the API and its many uses? How could they leverage the power of third-party developers?


Oppkey worked hand-in-hand with RICOH to provide front-line support and engagement to THETA developers. By building prototype applications, Oppkey helped seed ideas for industrial uses. Oppkey produced several different concept applications - for car sales, for Linux live streaming in robotics - and outside developers went on to develop applications and create significant new markets over several years.


Oppkey built a database of RICOH THETA applications, rising to 235 in 4 years, with applications in Automotive Sales, Construction, Real Estate, Robotics and more. Partner applications are showcased through theta360.guide/app which shows the growth of the community, provides real examples of development in multiple industries, and helps RICOH to continue to stand out as the key low-cost 360° camera solution for industrial solutions.



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The Process

Oppkey communicates with partners and builds descriptions with summaries and screenshots to help describe and promote developer applications. The site is searchable, and shows which models of THETAs are supported, which industry category they fall in, and more.

The Result

RICOH has a growing ecosystem of third-party developers that have helped develop new markets and increased revenue sources. This is a key pillar of THETA technology leadership and business success.

“ Using 360° cameras to provide better sewer inspection data is a new, exciting market. It takes effort and persistence to turn an idea into a business. FOX SEWER ROVER, which provides inspection drones for sewers, is at the forefront of this important industry. We want to thank Oppkey and theta360.guide for supporting us as we move from prototyping to full business operations. ”

Hugues Perret CEO and co-founder, FOX SEWER ROVER

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