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Market Introduction for Cutting Edge Japanese Startup

Innovative pen-shaped 360° camera entered US market led by network of influencers, try-it-yourself event in Silicon Valley, and work with local charity.


An early-stage Japanese startup needed to reach users in the US but was still early in building its company and product. How can they build a presence in the US market and connect with US users directly?


Oppkey identified, hired and managed a network of influencers to promote the new consumer-focused 360° camera for early beta testing, for brand promotion, for sales on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, end of year holidays, and more. Oppkey also planned, promoted and staffed an afternoon try-it-yourself event coupled with ice cream giveaways from Smitten ice cream shop in the popular outdoor Silicon Valley shopping mall Santana Row coordinated with a retail sales outlet for immediate sales nearby.


Oppkey focused on building a network of influencers to test, promote, and sell the product directly. This got Vecnos real feedback and direct outreach in a very short amount of time. Hiring, training, managing messaging and scheduling of high impact posts by Influencers were all conducted by Oppkey with regular reporting and adjustment in strategy with the client.




Market Entry

The Process

Oppkey builds a network in the local market by identifying, hiring, training, managing, and directing Influencers. We built a Tester’s Guide, and supported PR activities with local interviews demoing the camera to over 15 journalists. At every stage, we track progress, discuss details, provide guidance, but also listen closely to our clients’ preferences and needs. This quick building of networks can be reused or revisited later, providing a flexibility for the fast-changing needs of smaller startup.

The Result

Pre launch beta testing by Influencers led to end user videos ready on the day of launch. Influencers were called on to support sales, build brand awareness, support PR efforts, and provide product feedback.

“ Oppkey is a critical bridge to US developers, and accelerates US market research and business development opportunities. Working with Oppkey allowed us to build a network of connections in the key US market quickly. And provided veteran guidance that was indispensable. ”

Shu Ubukata CEO and founder of Conneckiss and creator of RICOH THETA 360° camera line

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